20 Most Promising SDN Solution Providers-2017

Last year, there was a major spike in the adoption of SD-WAN amongst enterprises, as SDN went from being a nascent idea to a foundational technology, owing to its multiple performance and cost-related benefits. What’s more, 25-Gigabit Ethernet is going to be mainstream on servers before we know it. This new specification enables a cost-optimized scale-up of servers while also maximizing storage bandwidth beyond 10 GB/sec, resulting in faster conveyance of data over networks.

Company Name

Company Description

3T Solutions Consulting Helps enterprises increase business outcomes through strategy-led SDN implementation
Allot Communications [NASDAQ:ALLT] Enables SDN architectures to reduce time-to-market for new services, cut operational costs, and provide a better user-experience to customers
AMD Communications Expert consulting services for SD-WAN implementations helping clients to integrate their people, process, and technology
Aryaka Networks Provides optimized, software-defined network connectivity and application acceleration to globally distributed enterprises
Big Switch Networks Provides intelligent, agile, and flexible networks around the world by leveraging the principles of SDN
Brocade Communications Systems [BASDAQ:BRCD] Enables enterprises to adjust network traffic flow, so as to deploy profitable services with limited operational risk
Ciena Corporation [NYSE:CIEN] Enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled or programmed using software applications
Cisco Systems [NASDAQ:CSCO] Cisco’s SDN solutions ensure rapid application deployment and service delivery, reducing IT costs through workflow automation
DataCore Software Pioneers in software-based storage virtualization, driving the software-defined and parallel processing revolution
EPSGlobal Supplies world class SDDC products, eliminating the hassle of sourcing from multiple vendors, and minimizing lead times
Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR] Provides a simple, fast, smart, and cost-effective SDN platform which integrates tightly with the company’s existing and multi-vendor network infrastructure
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Provides a cost and time efficient SDN migration to increase the flexibility and scalability of the existing legacy systems
Jeda Networks An innovative, virtualized, and scalable solution that is transforming the way applications connect with network storage
Juniper Networks Bringing technological advancement to software defined networking, virtual environments, and network automation
Nectar Services Nectar UCD software is integrated with Microsoft’s SDN API to easily and proactively monitor and manage Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync environments
NTT Innovation Institute, Inc Identifying ambitious innovation ideas in the R&D lab and developing them into new technology platforms
Nuage Networks Delivers the flexibility to include network services in the revenue mix and the profitability to make it worthwhile
TELoIP Facilitating fast and reliable SD networks that increase end-to-end business performance and speed
VMware Network virtualization prodigy steering IT organizations to modernize data centers, integrate public clouds, and transform security
YumaWorks Provides multi-protocol distributed server toolkit using YANG data-driven tools to automate configuration and network management interfaces