Welcome CastleUp! The New Enterprise Social Networking Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Consulus, a consultancy delivering business management and multi-disciplinary design capabilities, has developed an enterprise social networking platform CastleUp , which offers companies the opportunity to share ideas and updates, and retrieve them with ease later. reports that the platform is currently being used in Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei.

The CastleUp user interface is categorization-centric, unlike most enterprise social networks. It discourages spam by categorizing each post that comes in as an ‘Experience’, ‘Know-How’, or for ‘Fun’. Users need to tag their posts so that they can be sorted and categorized.

The enterprise social network also includes a ‘gamified’ element known as Castle Tokens, which is a score on how much and how well the users are interacting on CastleUp. It does not just count the volume of new posts made by a user, but it counts on how other people react to it. Thus, it is intended as a metric which serves like an indicative value for colleagues to assess the usefulness of what they have shared.  CastleUp is designed for use on any mobile device with access to an internet browser so that staff even without a workstation can join the network to view their company feeds. This results in unlocking the potential for useful information to be shared. For example, the HR departments of companies can use CastleUp to post staff memos; while the marketing teams can post new campaigns to seek feedback.

The daily usage statistics helps employees acquire an insight into how companies share and act on information. This is the first step into understanding the flow of communication within an organization. CastleUp serves as a dynamic organizational chart for employees to connect within their departments and with colleagues from other departments.

Most companies and employees are slow to adopt and connect to work on social media platforms as a collaboration tool due to the fact that they are concerned about privacy and security of information. This was the reason why Consulus developed CastleUp to be a safe environment for employees to connect with each other, without revealing much about themselves through their personal social media accounts.

While anyone can sign up for the standard version of CastleUp; the additional features such as company insights and enterprise tools are available for a fee. There are also plans to include and launch a catalogue of programs and products from other consulting practices from different firms at the end of the year.