Extreme Networks: Advanced Networking and Automation Solutions

Ed Meyercord, President and CEO
In today’s technology-centric world, advancements in cloud computing, big data analytics, virtualization, and mobile applications have set a new benchmark, impacting every industry. The recent entrant to join the bandwagon is Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN is now being widely utilized to replace hardware networks, thereby reducing the Capex for enterprises. A major advantage of SDN is that, it ensures better flexibility and reliability around any networking that can be remotely managed. Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR], a software and service led solutions company based in San Jose, CA, is offering advanced networking technology solutions and platforms for enterprises to embrace SDN.

“Building networks to offer exclusive experiences to our customers is our sole priority,” states Ed Meyercord, President and CEO, Extreme Networks. Owing to strong expertise in the SDN arena, Extreme Networks designs networks with its flagship product OneController. The product is built on the OpenDaylight framework—a highly modular, extensible, and multi-protocol controller infrastructure built for SDN deployments—to offer a simple, fast, and smart automation and orchestration of networks. By seamlessly integrating with multiple hardware and software networks, OneController protects customer investments with less vendor confinement. Moreover, it ensures investment protection through backward compatibility which runs across multi-vendor networks, while supporting the OpenFlow standard and other APIs.

To keep pace with emerging security, wireless, and converged SDN infrastructure, Extreme Networks has developed its Software Development Kit (SDK). The kit is available to researchers, technology partners, developers, and customers for developing applications SDN platforms. The SDK benefits customers understand SDN on the basis of performance, security, visibility, and compatibility around multi-vendor networks. In addition, the firm’s services bring a connection with third party applications through its OneFabric Connect.
It provides APIs to integrate OneFabric Control Center—NetSight, Mobile IAM, and Network Access Control—with other IT solutions, thereby providing deeper visibility into device data—augmented with asset information, device details, and phone numbers.

Extreme Networks’ SDN solutions have supported several clients in risk reduction for the entire network, including wireless, campus, and data center. For instance, Enfield, a suburb in Connecticut, needed a solution to make their network highly available, secure, and easy-to-use for the entire community. The town staff decided to implement Extreme Networks OneController to optimize network access and bandwidth control. It provided greater visibility and increased network security. “Eventually, the client improved operational efficiencies and enhanced user experiences with on-demand network access,” notes Meyercord.

Extreme Networks’ joint collaboration with leading technology innovators has kept its competition at bay and also initiated the development of unique solutions to address crucial tasks. “Our collaboration with several other technology firms allows us to develop solutions for administration, security, analytics, UC, and mobility,” acknowledges Meyercord. In addition, Extreme Networks’ team engages customers in all their projects, including direct necessities, clear standards of agreement, field backup, and normal interchanges.

Building networks to offer exclusive experiences to our customers is our sole priority

Going forward, Extreme Networks has plans of enhancing its current portfolio of SDN solutions to match the future requirement of consumers. “We will be expanding our SDN platform and OneController to deliver proven integrated solutions to support the needs of enterprise-scale customers,” concludes Meyercord.

Extreme Networks

San Jose, CA

Ed Meyercord, President and CEO

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