Nectar Services Corp.: Transforming SDNs for Efficient Networking

Joseph Fuccillo, CTO
With the advent of numerous cloud-based innovations, organizations are swiftly merging their dedicated data centers in order to gain from the certainty, continuity, and quality of services offered by virtualized technologies. Similarly, energy-competent and high-security networking is becoming a vital facet for network operators. As a result, SDN has been recognized as a competent network technology that can support the vibrant nature of potential network functions. However, with rapid change in the communication and networking landscape, organizations often have to cope with fresh operational challenges, augmented difficulty, increased interdependencies, and a failing eco-system of technologies. Nectar, a provider of Unified Communications (UC) network monitoring and management solutions, helps companies in battling the challenges and supports newly converged networks. “Our UC solution provides the ability to understand, deploy, and discover the various communication systems to monitor real-time network and security devices,” says Joseph Fuccillo, CTO, Nectar Services Corp.

Headquartered in Farmingdale, NY, the company delivers a ground-breaking solution that presents IT firms with actionable information, helping in adaptation, managing complications, and delivering competent ROI reporting. The company’s flagship product, Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP) perks up service delivery across integrated voice, data, video and application solutions by providing significant performance information to company executives and technical resource teams. Equipped with this information, clients can now have the base to line up IT initiatives with business objectives, transform networking infrastructure, and free up critical resources.

Residing underneath UCMP, Nectar’s Unified Communications Diagnostics Module (UCD) helps in managing multi-vendor complexities to capitalize on existing technology investments and attain a low TCO. UCD enables simplified monitoring of content, sessions, and network topology data followed by automatically converting and linking the received information. This provides real-time visibility into the class of the UC user’s voice, video and other media experiences. Furthermore, it’s Unified Communications Foundation Module (UCF), tunes up delivery processes across integrated voice, video, data and application solutions by granting performance information needed by a client to easily and practically manage, monitor and troubleshoot a joint, multi-vendor network.
In addition, the UCF module also delivers system health and data with a unified view of all voice and data assets. “Our platform is extremely robust and it starts with a series of modules that deals with foundation, diagnostics, synthetic calling, advanced analytics and ends with real-time reporting,” explains Fuccillo.

Nectar’s simplified solution minimizes network infrastructure complexity, boosts a client’s networking system, and increases ROI. For instance, a global bank that deals with innumerable transactions per day, tried centralizing their assets and hundreds of other essential processes into a smaller number of work systems to simplify operations. When the bank tried to incorporate the process, their efforts proved futile due to lack of preferred networking tools. As a result, the bank had to continuously track down problems as they failed to envisage critical problems. Nectar’s solution addressed these problems holistically from multiple angles, giving them the ability to automatically discover their system, predict future risks, and dynamically measure all the resources.

Our unified solution provides the ability to understand, deploy and discover the various communication systems to monitor real-time network and security devices

Moving ahead, the company has been greatly expanding its global reach into the EMEA, Asia-Pac, and Latin America markets. Nectar is also planning to hire more people and continue to establish new technology and channel partnerships. From a market standpoint, there are plans to bring in new technology to support virtualization, new contact center applications, and web troubleshooting across the public cloud. “We have some great technology today and we will carry on investing in our technology to bring out the best solutions in the field of SDN,” concludes Fuccillo.

Nectar Services Corp.

Farmingdale, NY

Joseph Fuccillo, CTO

Provider of unified communication network solutions that presents IT firms with actionable information, helping in adaptation,managing complications, and delivering efficient ROI reporting.