Nuage Networks: Enabling Superior Visibility in Virtual Network Infrastructure

Sunil Khandekar, Founder & CEO
Propelled by increasing complex networks, mounting network infrastructures, and evolving hybrid clouds, SDN has never before experienced such a stimulating period of growth and expansion. SDN is helping IT managers to gain centralized view of entire network, thereby furnishing benefits such as guaranteed content delivery, traffic programmability, network automation, and granular security. “Despite proliferation in SDN space, the lack of proper coordination between programmable network and physical network impedes an organization’s progress,” delineates Sunil Khandekar, Founder and CEO, Nuage Networks. Based in Mountain View, CA, the company brings a unique combination of ground breaking technologies and unmatched networking expertise to deliver massively scalable SDN solutions. “Our Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) facilitates visualizing the complete network by providing ideal correlation between SDN overlays and the underlying physical IP network infrastructure,” says Khandekar. The VSAP’s actionable, significant, and precise information on operational status of open virtual infrastructure results in firms getting profits through improved network flexibility, dynamic traffic flow, and decreased latency.

VSAP works by creating a topology map of virtual objects associated with the physical elements in network. The map conducts systematic analysis of network and thus enables making logical connections among virtual network policies and physical network topology. This facilitates organizations to deeply monitor the network status through impeccable troubleshooting and fault corrections. “Our modular platform acts as a comprehensive solution for clients by removing every network constraint that limits enterprises from fully embracing the power of SDN technology,” explains Khandekar. Additionally, VSAP supports diverse range of protocols such as SNMP, ISIS, BGP, and OSPF that allow enterprises to serve multiple vendors.Reflecting complete confidence over company’s robust platform, Khandekar expresses, “The viable features of VSAP such as—tight coupling between overlays and underlays, root-cause identification, impact analysis, and path monitoring make our solution absolutely dynamic.”

Alternatively, Nuage Networks bridges the gap between network needs and industry demands by offering Virtualized Network Services (VNS). “There is little cohesion within the networking environment that supports enterprises,” points o ut K handekar.
“While the data center is focused on the responsiveness of business applications, WAN concentrates on drawing connections between the data center and branch locations.” Nuage Networks combines both and selects right mix of conditions to produce a single, tenacious, and a fully integrated environment for maximizing the responsiveness of business networking in cloud era. With deployment options for both service providers and enterprises, the company’s VNS finds applicability as both complementary business service and self-managed network service.

Our modular platform acts as a comprehensive solution for clients by removing every network constraint that limits enterprises from fully embracing the power of SDN technology

The company extends its catalogue of solutions by offering Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), a product that unifies complex configurations of public and private clouds with multiple data centers. Such intelligent unification helps firms to attain operational scalability, flexibility, and granular security across networking systems.

The company has enabled thousands of tenants to meet unique designing, building, and network application demands. For example, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre (UPMC), an eminent healthcare provider, faced networking bottlenecks due to sluggish rate of ‘virtualized application deployment’ in data centers. The slowed-down pace of application deployment times affected the client’s operations spread across 450 sites and 21 hospitals. By capitalizing Nuage Network’s VSP solution, the client was able to gain significant improvements across both physical and virtual overloads. “Our platform’s sound ability to fuse-well with any existing hardware proved to confer exceptional results for our client,” extols Khandekar. Such success stories of Nuage Networks speak volumes of its expertise in helping the organizations to sail smoothly across the landscape of SDN. The company wishes to carry forward the same legacy for the future.

Nuage Networks

Mountain View, CA

Sunil Khandekar, Founder & CEO

A provider of wide range of SDN-based products and services for enterprises to gain actionable and precise information on open virtual infrastructures.