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Kyle Bowden, Founder & President
For Kyle Bowden, it was a simple question that represented a very serious problem in the networking provider/carrier world: “If we weren’t presenting the best solution possible based on a customer’s specific needs, what was it that we were solving?” In the SD-WAN world, there is very little understanding of the complexity involved in integrating hardware, software, and circuits. Therefore, businesses may seldom see their SD-WAN investment actually produce an ROI.

AMD Communications was born to bridge the gap between providers and customers where assistance is needed in the alignment of technology with people and process. AMD Communications’ Founder and President, Kyle Bowden, believes in collaborating with clients, understanding their business objectives, doing the research on their behalf, and helping them see their business transform.

SD-WAN holds great promise in driving the agility and scalability of wide area networks; however, this nascent technology has many network providers that are diverse in nature. “For a business, an off-the-shelf SD-WAN solution is usually not the best fit for its unique business environment,” says Bowden. To tackle the SD-WAN implementation conundrum, the team of industry experts at AMD explores the features and functionalities offered by various SD-WAN providers to find the proper solution that matches each clients’ unique business requirements.

“We assess the organizational structure and existing services of the client while interacting with many department heads in order to determine their precise requirements,” Bowden explains. AMD’s approach in addressing clients’ needs encompasses three phases: (1) discovery, (2) selection and implementation, and (3) support and maintenance. During the discovery phase, AMD helps clients align their requirements with the product features found in different providers’ offers by carefully considering industry standards and best practices. The implementation of an SD-WAN system, is complex; therefore, during Phase 2, AMD staffs one of its experienced Project Managers as part of the implementation team, ensuring a smoother and more rapid transition into the new technology.

AMD simplifies the SD-WAN journey by integrating client networking services, providing a tangible ROI, and working with best-in-class vendors

AMD differentiates itself with its project management, including clearly-defined goals and a roadmap that results in fruitful engagement and seamless technology adoption.

With AMD as the trusted advisor for their WAN needs, clients avoid the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and are able to focus on their core operations. “AMD works with best-in-class vendors who are at the cutting-edge of SD-WAN technology,” says Bowden. With access to the latest technologies across a wide range of carriers, AMD helps organizations tackle a broad range of areas spanning WAN, cloud, data, and voice solutions.

As an example, one of AMD’s global clients with 26 locations needed to improve its WAN cost-effectiveness. AMD guided the client to choose an SD-WAN solution that promised significant cost savings over their existing MPLS network that included a failover and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solution. The new solution prioritized the traffic that has to be channeled through the Internet and, at the same time, selected the best route for the traffic. In addition to increasing their available bandwidth to all locations, the client also reduced their annual WAN budget by about 40 percent.

AMD is driven by a strong commitment to deliver greater value to its clients while building successful relationships with them. “As more organizations demand seamless connectivity by moving into cloud technology rather than limiting themselves to MPLS in their WAN infrastructure, we look forward to helping our clients simplify their cloud-driven WAN experience.”

AMD Communications

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Kyle Bowden, Founder & President and Dan Erickson, COO

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