Juniper Networks [NYSE:JNPR]: Network Infrastructures for the New-age

Rami Rahim, CEO
Organizations today, need to rope in easily-programmable, scalable, and automated networking paradigms to actively respond to the rapidly-changing application requirements—a space where Juniper Networks [NYSE:JNPR] manifests unmatched mastery. Being a world leader in enterprise networking, the firm offers open-source SDN solutions for cloud and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)—helping enterprises scale to the advanced networking needs of today. With a broad set of best-in-class products, Juniper Networks provides organizations with the much-needed business agility coupled with security, availability, performance, automation, and elasticity. “Every innovation we envision, every technology we create is driven by our desire to help solve our customers’ toughest challenges so they can compete and thrive today and into the future,” says Rami Rahim, CEO, Juniper Networks.

Juniper’s Contrail Controller—a simple, open, and agile SDN solution for cloud and NFV environments takes a pure software-defined approach toward virtual networking, serving better than most of the physical infrastructure and orchestration systems. “Contrail is a very compelling product which is a scalable open-networking-stack supporting our OpensStack,” states Rahim. The solution easily enables the creation of highly scalable virtual networks or SDNs that integrate seamlessly with the existing physical networks—drastically reducing infrastructure costs and time for implementation. Further, networking features such as switching, routing, security, and load-balancing are moved from the physical hardware infrastructure to software layers providing control and visibility over the networks. The Contrail networking methodology also addresses the networking challenges that tag along self-service, automated, and in-house cloud architecture to improve scalability and reduce CapEx inefficiencies.

Contrail’s open architecture provides SDN adopters the freedom of choice to interoperate with a wide range of hypervisors, orchestration systems, and physical networks—typically avoiding vendor lock-in. Additionally, by enabling the migration of applications and IT resources to more flexible private or hybrid cloud environments, Contrail also increases business agility.

Contrail is a very compelling product which is a scalable open-networking-stack

Yet another foundational element of Juniper’s open cloud networking and NFV portfolio is the Contrail Cloud that combines automation capabilities of Contrail Networking with Juniper’s OpenStack distribution, rolling out a turnkey cloud orchestration platform that is compatible with a variety of cloud applications. Additionally, by offering a centralized network hub for management, and configuration of devices and analytics, the platform provides IT managers with a 360-degree view into the overall network operations.

Juniper Networks’s products have been proven invaluable to its customers as the company stands on ensuring quick delivery of projects for immediate ROI. One such testimonial was when eBay Classifieds, the internationally famed e-commerce site had to host advertising for all its global businesses which required them to automate the process of developing scalable virtual networks to activate new services, improve business response times, and increase revenue. Juniper Networks catered to this vital requirement by implementing Contrail Networking and Contrail Cloud Platform that essentially enabled eBay to automate configuration and operation of IT resources needed by their various brands’ cloud applications. With an SDN, a powerful data center switching platform and a cloud-hosted infrastructure, the customer slashed the time it takes to build and deploy new services in their classified site—from months to hours. The Manager of Network Engineering, eBay Classifieds says, “The reason we chose Juniper was that we found the hardware and the feature set to be more mature than those from the other vendors out there.”

Juniper Networks considers networks as the spine of every technological advancement and is vesting heavily toward bringing new approaches to SDN, by making networks agile, intelligent, secure and open to vendors of all types or any network environment.

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Rami Rahim, CEO

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