Acuative: The SD-WAN Specialists

Vincent Sciarra, Co-founder and CEO
For most organizations, the network has long been seen as an essential resource, but not necessarily one that provides a competitive advantage. However, the times have changed radically with the advent and rapid growth of cloud computing and software defined networking, enabling enterprises to better manage applications, increase bandwidth, enhance network performance for their users, and impact their bottom line. The network has rapidly made its way to the center of the business world and for companies attempting to navigate a marketplace replete with different SDN approaches, the pursuit of finding the right solution has gotten all the more complex. It all boils down to thoroughly evaluating the IT problems and opportunities enterprises are facing and choosing the right technology options that will deliver reliable results. Enter Acuative.

Acuative facilitates enterprise network transformation with world-class SD-WAN technology services organized in three groups that can be utilized individually to augment a client’s internal resources or bundled as a fully outsourced solution.

It starts with a suite of advisory services and an expert consulting team who focus on first understanding clients’ business goals. Taking into account all of the variables, Acuative formulates the best SD-WAN strategy and plan to move companies forward faster, while mitigating the risk of transformation. All key business, security, and design requirements are identified including application mapping and profiling, Total Cost of Ownership, site locations and circuits, in addition to evaluation of current network. Deliverables include creation and validation of high and low level designs, selection and validation of vendor software and hardware to ensure requirements will be met.

Next, Acuative ensures operational readiness with end-to-end service delivery including hardware, software, and circuit procurement; staging, logistics for all devices, site surveys, site readiness, pilots, deployment, and dedicated project management.

Lastly, to fully optimize the investment and ensure the right service level, Acuative offers training, proactive monitoring and management from their 24/7 Global Technology Center, including remote diagnostics and resolution, change management, on-site maintenance, capacity management, reporting and analytics.
The GTC is vigilant in watching the health and welfare of the network, assessing application performance, and also identifying any proactive network changes needed to keep the technology in line with business requirements.

“Our ability to manage the entire lifecycle by creating, implementing and providing ongoing support makes us unique in the industry,” says Vincent Sciarra, Co-founder and CEO, Acuative. “Not only can we help you create or refine your network vision, we can also rapidly execute the plan and post-installation ensure you remain fully operable and in position to reap the benefits of SD-WAN. Weleverage our deep experience supporting large networks with many geographically dispersed locations and our ecosystem of partners for circuits and best-of-breed equipment.”

Our ability to manage the entire lifecycle by creating, implementing and providing ongoing support makes us unique in the industry

Further explaining the company’s value proposition in the industry, Sciarra recalls an instance wherein Acuative assisted a major regional bank that needed network infrastructure deployment services to replace the existing wide area network infrastructure and wireless LAN at their 2,600 retail bank locations. Acuative created a service solution in collaboration with the client’s carrier and delivered a complete end-to-end solution including project management, staging, logistics, implementation, and decommissioning of legacy equipment. Acuative’s ability to scale was demonstrated by the run rate of 300+ branch visits per week during the deployment. With Acuative’s support as a single source provider, the client was able to harness the potential of a high functioning SD-WAN network to increase efficiencies faster than anticipated.

Acuative continues to broaden its horizons with innovative service offerings and solutions for both enterprise customers as well as service providers stepping into the SD-WAN world. “We will stay at the forefront of SD-WAN technology as we continue the simplification of the network transformation process and expand our SD-WAN services to fit the needs of mid-size enterprises,” concludes Sciarra.


Fairfield, NJ

Vincent Sciarra, Co-founder and CEO

Delivers advanced software defined networking technology solutions and advisory services for the enterprise, service provider, financial, retail, and public sector markets