Epsilon: APIs: Unlocking the Power of Software- Defined Networking

Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO
Technology has changed everything from the way services are being consumed to how people connect with one another. In the rapidly digitalizing world, the network must constantly evolve to become an enabler of digital transformation while meeting the ever-rising demand for bandwidth.

However, the traditional networking model is not built with the agility required for next-generation services and applications. Rigid structures coupled with complex and manual workflows are putting a limit to what the network should be. The intrinsic need for elastic, fluid and programmable connectivity gave rise to Software-Defined Networking (SDN), an orchestrated service offering that removes the barriers associated with legacy processes of provisioning connectivity.

The award-winning Infiny by Epsilon SDN platform has transformed the wholesale landscape. It replaces the legacy commercial networking model with a simple and powerful platform-driven approach to procuring and managing connectivity. “Infiny enables service providers to keep pace with enterprise and consumer demands that have been driven by the adoption of innovative applications and technologies,” says Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO , Epsilon. It provides users with a suite of on-demand, high-performance connectivity services; giving them the flexibility, scalability, and quality to rapidly connect and optimize their customer’s applications and services.

As SDN adoption continues to grow, a new approach is needed to provide users with a seamless experience across the various network infrastructures, no matter the provider. It is about putting the power of choice into the hands of the users, giving them the ability to connect globally from anywhere, at any time and on any platform. “The real challenge lies in interconnecting multiple SDN platforms though cross-carrier automation to enable seamless access to each other’s network infrastructure and services,” remarks Szlosarek.

Epsilon is creating an entire approach to support the future of SDN that is hyper-connected, hyper-scalable and driven by Application Programming Interface (API). Through APIs, partners can integrate their network with Epsilon’s network fabric to enable orchestrated access to each other’s Cloud, Data Centers, Internet Exchanges (IX) and partner ecosystem.

Epsilon is creating an entire approach to support the future of SDN that is hyper-connected, hyper-scalable and driven by Application Programming Interface (API)

This gives Epsilon customers and partners friction-free access to end-to-end global connectivity beyond their backbone reach, all available through a single self-service user interface.

Epsilon’s recent partnership with DCConnect, a leading Chinese on-demand connectivity provider, demonstrates the possibility of delivering two-way cross-carrier SDN network orchestration in the real world. Infiny users can now instantly connect to DCConnect’s unique China-wide SDN network, providing extended access to more than 90 Chinese Data Centers and interconnect to Cloud Service Providers within the region. Conversely, DCConnect’s customers can use the SD-Cloud Express platform for seamless access to Epsilon’s global network fabric. It enables them to interconnect with Epsilon’s network of more than 600 Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers and IXs whilst facilitating access to over 100 Points of Presence (PoP) globally across Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Epsilon’s cross-carrier automation strategy is redefining the accessibility to the infrastructure of the world’s largest networks, offering a seamless and agile networking model that mirrors the services it is built to support. They are changing what’s possible in the wholesale market by using APIs and taking real steps towards the advancement of networking APIs to enable the automation of the entire lifecycle for connectivity services. “This does benefit not only their customers but also the entire ecosystem of partners who embrace interconnection through APIs,” concludes Szlosarek.



Jerzy Szlosarek, CEO

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