Versa Networks: Secure Cloud IP Platform for Visibility, Control, and Resilience

Kelly Ahuja, CEO
The evolution of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructures has led to organizations reconstructing their corporate network architecture, in order to ensure greater visibility, control, and resilience of corporate ecosystems. Emphasizing the significance of flexibility with wide area networks (WANs) for such corporate ecosystems, Kelly Ahuja, CEO of Versa Networks—a company that specializes in SD-WAN branch networks—shares a noteworthy analogy that sheds light on the company’s proficiency in addressing challenges pertaining to corporate networks.

One of Versa’s clients had an interesting situation at hand when an employee was listening to music on a laptop through the Spotify application. As the laptop was connected to the internet through a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN), Spotify streaming accounted for a significant portion of the bandwidth shared across the corporate ecosystem. The client could not mitigate the excessive data traffic across the allotted bandwidth, as they did not have adequate visibility or control over the applications that accessed the internet through the corporate VPN. With Versa’s solution in place, the client established a policy that allowed employees to use applications such as Spotify within acceptable use and bandwidth allocation policies, so that business critical apps would maintain bandwidth utilization priority. The policy ensured that the primary bandwidth paths remained unaffected by applications—that are not part of the corporate ecosystem— accessing the internet. A solution such as this allows Versa’s clients to monitor and regulate corporate networks effectively and safeguard them against infringements such as phishing and malware breaches that often occur due to third-party applications.

Versa’s unique value proposition lies in its secure-cloud IP platform that empowers organizations to attain business transformation by optimizing Software Defined Networks (SDNs). “We are on a mission to consolidate proprietary command line-based manual operations in hardware and streamline all of those operations and functionalities through software,” explains Ahuja.
The company’s SDN solutions enable clients to reap the benefits of Versa’s unified software suite that simplifies and automates various organizational processes, which would otherwise be achieved through multiple physical or virtual appliances. These benefits have earned the company a well-deserved recognition among its clientele—comprising over 65 service providers and 600 enterprises worldwide—as one of the go-to-solution providers in the SDN landscape.

Built on its Secure Cloud IP architecture, a next-generation software platform integrating security and networking services, Versa’s solutions allow organizations to orchestrate, visualize, and obtain analytics impacting their corporate network. This enables the elimination of redundant appliances such as legacy routers, WAN optimization devices, security hardware peripherals, and LTE backups through a single piece of software that checks all the boxes. Versa’s solution can be deployed at remote offices, data centers, public or private clouds along with WAN transports such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), broadband, or LTE channels for diversity and better network uptime. The solution has a built-in intelligence module to necessitate policies and prioritize tasks in accordance with the organizational requirements, which allow the network to run without external assistance.

Versa’s portfolio aids organizations that have multiple offices at different locations in gaining better transparency into the applications accessing the corporate servers. Adobe, one of Versa’s prominent clients, has deployed the company’s SDN solutions across their global network for corporate communications. The company’s SD-WAN routing and security functions helped Adobe work toward their vision of building an optimized network infrastructure to achieve performance milestones, deliver application-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and accomplish organizational objectives. Its engagement with Adobe substantiates how Versa’s portfolio can be tailored to fit various go-to-market strategies of clients, through either a customized on-premise model or a do-it-yourself model for enterprises.

Versa Networks

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Kelly Ahuja, CEO

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