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ZeroOutages is primarily an SD-WAN company (within the SDN industry) and as such their specialty is in augmenting MPLS to ensure that the enterprise customers can maintain the optimum performance that they are expecting. "We are more than just vanilla SD-WAN, what makes us unique is our ability to provide flexibility for our customers so that they can deploy their version of SD-WAN,” asserts Darren French, VP of Operations of ZeroOutages.

ZeroOutages follows a stringent process to onboard their clients in order to determine the best method for deployment that ensures the performance characteristics required by the specific customer.
Additionally, ZeroOutages offers a unique approach called flow-based (also session-based) SD-WAN. Unlike their competitors, the company’s esoteric technology does not require splitting of packets between links (packet-based SD-WAN). The problem with packet splitting includes the likelihood of order-of-order packets, and the use of packet duplication. This not only decreases the throughput performance but also cripples the efficiency of the broadband circuits. “We make sure that the data traffic is handled from the very edge of the customers’ network in the most productive manner possible. Our services maximize the customers' bandwidth and are the most efficient solutions in the industry," says French.

The company holds multiple patents on its SD-WAN technology. Technology which enables ZeroOutages to achieve lower latency, reduced hop count, and improved reliability over most other SD-WAN solutions. All of this is built-in to ZeroOutages onsite appliances, which then allows for local traffic decisions and for site-to-site communications to go directly between the customers’ locations without the requirement of a third party data center.

ZeroOutages has many customers across the globe. To cite one instance, a retail customer had T1 lines and replaced them with broadband links. The company realized a per store bandwidth increase of 10x and at the same time reduced telecom costs by over several hundred thousand per year.

SD-WAN is in our blood, it is the only thing that we do, and we do it very well. We provide flexibility to our customers with regards to how they deploy their specific MPLS replacement solution

This is one of the many examples that speak to the prowess of ZeroOutages SD-WAN solutions.

As they move forward, ZeroOutages continues to grow by building primarily on referrals between customers and within its agent network. While the company has recently launched several SMB offerings, many of their customers have at least more than 25 sites. ZeroOutages has recently launched its ZO-4G service which incorporates a 4G SIM card to provide accessible and straightforward wireless redundancy for sites that require simple and cost effective network failover.


Irvine, CA

Darren French, VP of Operations

ZeroOutages maximizes network efficiency and value by providing a framework of best practices and unique technology which enable the delivery of secure, reliable and highly available end-to-end IT services and solutions