Top 20 SDN Solution Companies - 2015

The deluge of data from social media, mobile and cloud computing is straining the traditional networks within enterprises.SDN makes networks work in a much smarter way and directs information within an organization to its destination as fast as possible, without any delays. We present to you CIO Review’s of 20 Most Promising SDN Solution Providers 2015

    Top SDN Solutions Providers

  • 1

    Transforming Data Centers to Virtual Clouds, for the Applications economy

  • 2

    Offers fixed and mobile operators a scalable, access-independent real-time subscriber management platform

  • 3

    Provider of open Ethernet switch hardware, sophisticated SDN control software, and core-and-pod data center designs

  • 4

    Provider of Hyper-Converged Cloud Infrastructure Software Platform that is simple,flexible, and works on any vendor hardware

  • 5

    Provider of SDN and NFV solutions for transforming network

  • 6

    Provides integrated SDN solution and operational analytics software that offers near real-time correlation, analytics and visualization across legacy and modern software orchestrated environment

  • 7

    Provides high-performance, open networking innovations for enterprises,services providers, and internet exchanges

  • 8

    Provides operational analytics software that offers near real-time correlation, analytics and visualization across legacy and modern software orchestrated environments

  • 9

    The Company helps leverage OpenDaylight commercially by delivering all the technology, integration, training and support required for companies to succeed with production-grade SDN/NFV solutions.

  • 10

    A provider of telecommunication solutions that help communications service providers (CSPs) migrate to optical access networks.

  • 11

    Providing comprehensive real-time intelligence across everything on the network including devices, software elements, and traffic—to identify, correct, predict, and prevent problems

  • 12

    Security & Network Integrity Assurance for SDN Operations Orchestration

  • 13

    Provider of unified communication network solutions that presents IT firms with actionable information, helping in adaptation,managing complications, and delivering efficient ROI reporting.

  • 14

    Provides centralized signaling and routing controller(CSRC) solutions to wireless and wireline telecommunications operators.

  • 15

    The SDN technology provider is focused on helping companies harness digital technologies, and add agility and flexibility to their IT function.

  • 16

    A provider of wide range of SDN-based products and services for enterprises to gain actionable and precise information on open virtual infrastructures.

  • 17

    Specializing in the design and manufacturer of high performance embedded platforms along with expertise in the development of mixed technology solutions

  • 18

    Pertino leverages network virtualization, cloud and SDN technologies to offer quick deployment model wherein VMs, servers, desktops, or mobile devices are easily networked with each other

  • 19

    Provider of information assurance including data security, privacy, integrity, and high availability

  • 20

    Provides solution for proactively managing capacity, reliability and performance of WAN.